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New Yagi Plans including exact measurements

I was given an old Aironet 15dbi Yagi antenna. I took it apart, measured it with Vernier Calipers, and put up a small webpage. This one is quite simple. It uses small metal rods for elements, a loop for the driven element, and the whole thing is based on a plastic dowel, which could easily be substitued with a wood dowel, a piece of conduit, or even a just a wood stick similar to the MicroTVAerial.

My webpage for it is Hope it's usefull.

"An interested reader added this:

Here is a site that did a "802.11b Homebrew Antenna Shootout". The author tests an improved omni, a pringles yagi, and a couple of waveguide antennas. He found a simple tin can waveguide antenna beat the pringles yagi by almost 9db. Another [WWW]shoot-out at [WWW]WaterlooWireless

Here is what I came up with from the txt file.

I think alot of people out there would love to see some more detailed instructions of the bazooka type antenna. The txt file does not really give a clear example of how to build it. A few questions I had were.. referring to txt file
  1. Are the spacers 8 - 15 = 1.745?
  2. The turquoise tube were did you get it from?
  3. What is the length of the housing for the antenna?
  4. What is length of the brass tube affixed to the inside of the cup, is it 1.04?
  5. The metal cup, what is it made from, is it something we can get at a hardware store.
  6. On the bolt, does it go nut, plastic disc, washer, spacer, washer, etc, or nut, plastic disc, spacer, washer, spacer, etc. Below is the antenna in question. I anyone has more detailed instructions please email them to me at Thanks.

Here are some of our efforts, more documentation and parts list coming soon once we get a nice design for the enclosure that can be mounted outdoors.

If you can't wait for our docs, there is another effort underway in Portland at

Rob flickenger has a nice variation on this that fits completely in a pringles can. Here's a pretty cool video of a pringles can antenna. In the meantime, check for pictures of an inexpensive and attractive yagi suitable for mounting outdoors by BenSanders.

AshlandWireless? has a [AshlandWireless]PvcYagi which is basicly a PringlesCantenna in PVC (so it can handle being out side in our SeattleWeather?.

Here is a bunch of 13cm band ham radio antennas. They only need to be scaled down slightly in size for our use.

  1. New Yagi Plans including exact measurements
      1. line of sight
      2. antenna building

line of sight


Test with commercial DirectionalYagi. 3 millisecond ping, good signal.

Test with LucentYagi 3 millisecond ping, good signal.

antenna building

which is homemade?

commercial reflector.

prototype yagi with commercial reflector. 3 millisecond ping.

spicy 8 can? nope. this will not work.

tuna can? this doesn't work either.

3 inch square aluminum? Intermittent (in a bad way) 3-12 millisecond pings. seriously impossible to mount to the PVC reliably.

Trader Joe's English Breakfast Tea full of ez-foil pie tin? 3 millisecond ping. We aren't going to try and mount this but we've learned a bit about the correct size and needs of the reflector. We are trying to find an easily available item for the parts list. Once we find it, we will have a list of parts to make this antenna for roughly $25 of hardware store (and maybe supermarket) parts.


Using a surplus Ku-band DSS dish:


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